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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

Peer Mentoring Program

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether the Psychology Academic Reading Career Peer Mentoring Program (PARC PM) facilitates the participantsí achievement and career/graduate school preparation. Peer mentors in this program will consist of upper-class college psychology students who demonstrate significant academic achievement and are interested in assisting other students. The peer mentors will mentee freshman psychology majors who want to: (a) improve their study and time management skills; (b) further their knowledge of psychology careers and graduate school preparation; or (c) increase reading comprehension. Each mentor will focus on one topic area and use a variety of behavior strategies while working with his/her mentees. A multiple probe research design will be used to evaluate this peer-mentoring project.

Presenters: Jaclyn Spina (Undergraduate Student)
Thomas Stuart (Graduate Student)
Topic: Psychology
Location: 12 Hartwell
Time: 3 pm (Session IV)