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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

Snapshots of World Theatre: Past and Present

This session showcases the varied research interests of students from History of Theatre classes. Nine short presentations will highlight theatrical events, styles, and key figures from several time periods and countries. The presenters and their topics are: Rachel Yoder - Medieval Theatre in Europe Spencer Christiano - Commedia dell'Arte Kate Derry - Golden Ages of Spanish and English Theatre Olajiwon McCadney - Authenticating Shakespeare in the 18th Century Danielle Metallo - Spectacle in 19th Cenutry American Theatre Amanda Charlebois - The Use of Masks in O'Neill's "The Great God Brown" and How It Was Influenced by Expressionism Misty Stratton - Theatre in Nazi Germany Alicia Lauricella - Cabaret Theatre Daryl Acevedo - The Evolution of the Broadway Musical.

Presenters: Daryl Acevedo (Undergraduate Student)
Amanda Charlebois (Undergraduate Student)
Spencer Christiano (Undergraduate Student)
Kaitlyn Derry (Undergraduate Student)
Alicia Lauricella (Undergraduate Student)
Olajiwon McCadney (Undergraduate Student)
Danielle Metallo (Undergraduate Student)
Misty Stratton (Undergraduate Student)
Rachael Yoder (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Theatre
Location: 221 Hartwell
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)