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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

Recorder and Xylophone Ensembles

Students of The College at Brockport's xylphone and recorder ensembles will present a demonstration and performance. The recorder ensemble, directed by Dr. Bill Hullfish and the xylophone ensemble, directed by Dr. Natalie Sarrazin, are recent additions to the College as part of the newly reestablished music minor. Students in the groups represent all majors throughout the College, including music minors and Arts for Children music speciality majors. The demonstration will include techniques for playing the instruments and presentation of the different types of repertoire each group can play. The recorder performance will consist of various dance pieces in different meters, and the xylophone ensemble will play jazz as well as West and South African arrangements.

Presenters: Karen Beatty (Undergraduate Student)
Bradley Bialy (Undergraduate Student)
Joseph Blosenhauer (Undergraduate Student)
Caroline Boron (Undergraduate Student)
Luke Crozier (Undergraduate Student)
Kathleen Davenport (Undergraduate Student)
Ashley Hacker (Undergraduate Student)
Samantha Herrneckar (Undergraduate Student)
Katherine Hughes (Undergraduate Student)
Brady Miles (Undergraduate Student)
Francesca Neaton (Undergraduate Student)
Rachel Olsby (Undergraduate Student)
Dajia Richardson (Undergraduate Student)
Julia Simon (Undergraduate Student)
Caitlin Thurgood (Undergraduate Student)
Wayne Voges (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Music
Location: 105 Edwards
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)