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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

Promoting Research as a Teaching and Learning Tool: Developing Resources for Students and Faculty

This session will describe efforts of a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) to address the challenges faced by faculty who teach research methods courses and by students who need to learn and apply these important skills. Part one of the program will review a new website designed to help meet the research needs of undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty. The site will include topics such as defining research, identifying research questions, good writing, completing an IRB application, style manuals, and more. While navigating the site, participants will be encouraged to provide feedback on its usefulness as a tool for students and faculty. The second half of the program will describe efforts to create a network among faculty, library, and campus organizations to enhance support for research activities. Presenters will review and ask for feedback regarding a web-based survey designed to identify faculty research interests and opportunities for interdepartmental collaboration.

Presenters: Betsy Ann Balzano (Faculty)
Jason Dauenhauer (Faculty)
Robert Dobmeier (Faculty)
Moira Fallon (Faculty)
Donald Halquist (Faculty)
Lori Lampert (Faculty)
Jennifer Little (Faculty)
Topic: Interdisciplinary
Location: 108 Edwards (CELT)
Time: 10:45 am (Session II)