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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Cultural and Political Change in Africa

The 2009-2010 Ghana Intersession participants critically discuss their cultural, educational, and social experiences in Ghana west Africa; they compare and contrast the educational, economic, and political differences and similarities between Africa and the United States; in doing so, they shed light on the importance of international education in the twenty-first century.

Presenters: Vanessa Babb (Undergraduate Student)
Keturah Clark (Undergraduate Student)
Joel Davis (Undergraduate Student)
Marcy Gentle (Undergraduate Student)
Stacey Gibbons (Undergraduate Student)
Nora Hicks (Undergraduate Student)
Joey Johnson (Undergraduate Student)
John Marah (Faculty)
Jose Mejia (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: African and African-American Studies
Location: 104 Holmes
Time: 10:45 am (Session II)