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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Arts-in-Education Poster Sessions

In this poster session, more than thirty Interdisciplinary Arts for Children students present posters highlighting individual research projects on the role of the arts in education. Session topics include Multiple Intelligences Theory and Practice, The Role of Teaching Artists in Public Schools, The Arts as Therapy for Young Children, and much more. Students welcome the opportunity to interact with session attendees, discussing and answering questions about their poster topics and research process. Student presenters are all part of IAC 491, a "capstone" senior seminar class synthesizing previous IAC studies in dance, theatre, music and visual art; arts pedagogy; and educational theories that support the role of the arts in teaching and learning.

Presenters: Elizabeth Alexander (Undergraduate Student)
Jessica Aronowitz (Undergraduate Student)
Matthew Avery (Undergraduate Student)
Nicole Barber (Undergraduate Student)
Rebecca Bartle (Undergraduate Student)
Kenneth Michael Byrd (Undergraduate Student)
Nerissa Callahan-Stiles (Undergraduate Student)
Jennifer Ceccato (Undergraduate Student)
Alicia Derefinko (Undergraduate Student)
Jennifer Derushia (Undergraduate Student)
Sherri Godat (Undergraduate Student)
Rebecca Heinlein (Undergraduate Student)
Lindsey Jensen (Undergraduate Student)
Jason Johansen (Undergraduate Student)
Jennifer Levinson (Undergraduate Student)
Melissa Maxwell (Undergraduate Student)
Dana Moskowitz (Undergraduate Student)
Francesca Neaton (Undergraduate Student)
Shannon O'Brien (Undergraduate Student)
Katrina Parker (Undergraduate Student)
Tara Pocock (Undergraduate Student)
Kathryn Porreca (Undergraduate Student)
Meredith Prince (Undergraduate Student)
Anna Pugh (Undergraduate Student)
Mary Quonce (Undergraduate Student)
Arielle Rosenfeld (Undergraduate Student)
Emily Salvas (Undergraduate Student)
Kevin Warner (Faculty)
Jessica Torres (Undergraduate Student)
Ashley Tyo (Undergraduate Student)
Ashley Valente (Undergraduate Student)
Shea Woodard (Undergraduate Student)
Jillian Woodruff (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Arts For Children
Location: Fireside Lounge-Union
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)