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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Music Therapy in the Medical Profession

Music is now recognized as a legitimate and successful therapeutic mechanism. It has many purposes, one of them being a tool for recovery and possessing healing power. Nurses are confronted with images of pain and suffering among patients, and have to deal with complications and even death. Music is a universal language, and although it is meaningful in different ways in every culture, its influence is tremendous. Most cultures, including our own, revere and honor music as having a restorative value, producing an affect of cathartic release and physical alleviation, as its expression is able to bring relaxation resulting in a calming and peaceful quality. It can offset the hostile, sterile environment of hospitals, as well as elevate moods and improve attitudes. All in all, this presentation will examine the implications of music and how it applies to doctors, nurses, and patients alike in the medical setting.

Presenter: Erin Kirkpatrick (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Music
Location: 27 Hartwell
Time: 9:45 am (Session I)