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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Sun, Stone and Shadows Book Discussions as Co-curricular Activity: Librarians and Foreign Language Faculty Partner for Big Read

This spring, Drake Library hosted five informal lunchtime discussions related to sections of Sun, Stone, and Shadows. Librarians and Spanish faculty partnered to talk about a common set of readings with students, faculty and staff. This session presents a summary of how co-curricular literacy events can inform, engage and enrich the community. Comparisons between Spanish and English readers, approaches, themes and suggestions for the future will be considered. Discussion panel members include: The Fantastic Unreal (A. Lazcano, R. Linville, M. Orzech); Scenes from Mexican Reality (S. Rojas, P. Maxwell); The Tangible Past (G. Rondon-Pari, L. Rath); The Unexpected in Everyday Urban Life (A. Parada, C. Bush); Intimate Imagination (N. Lazcano, P. O'Sullivan).

Presenters: Charles Bush (Faculty)
Norma Lazcano (Faculty)
Rachel Linville (Faculty)
Patricia Maxwell (Faculty)
Pamela O'Sullivan (Faculty)
Mary Jo Orzech (Faculty)
Andrea Parada (Faculty)
Logan Rath (Faculty)
Sandra Rojas (Faculty)
Graziela Rondon-Pari (Faculty)
Location: 219 Hartwell
Time: 3:45 pm (Session V)