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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

The Effects of Ballroom Dance Upon Balance and Psychosocial Factors in Older Adults

This presentation will discuss the preliminary findings of a research study examining the effects of ballroom dance upon balance and psychosocial factors in older adults. The benefits of a 12 week ballroom dance intervention on several interacting factors of fall risk in older adulthood including balance, self-efficacy of falls, and well-being are examined. Participants include 68 adults over 60 years of age with no formal dance training. Both groups are completing pre- and post- tests assessing their dynamic and static balance and psychosocial factors using several surveys. Currently, the controls and a second group of dancers are being examined. The results of the participantís balance performance and psycho-social factors following the ballroom dance intervention will determine whether these benefits also hold for high functioning older adults. Preliminary data reveals that the ballroom dance participants have shown improvement on multiple balance assessments, both static and dynamic.

Presenters: Christina D'Amico (Undergraduate Student)
Pamela Haibach (Faculty)
Devon Monin (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education
Location: 31 Hartwell
Time: 11:20 am (Session II)