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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Responding to Natural Disasters: The Emergency Management Process

Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, Indian Ocean Tsunami, flooding, blizzards: Natural disasters are often in the news. But is there any way to control the damage or loss of life? These posters will inform about the emergency management process--assessment, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery-- which can provide a method for effectively dealing with disasters and potential disasters. They will show examples of this process working at its best and also cases in which it failed to prevent tragedy. Additionally, the contrasting character and effectiveness of disaster management between rich and poor countries will be shown.

Presenters: Caitlin Allen (Undergraduate Student)
Emily Bettendorf (Undergraduate Student)
Amanda Burgio (Undergraduate Student)
McKensie Connelly (Undergraduate Student)
Robyn Dinderski (Undergraduate Student)
Julie Klafehn (Undergraduate Student)
Kyle Koehler (Undergraduate Student)
Kelsey Kuney (Undergraduate Student)
Danielle Laflamme (Undergraduate Student)
Rachel Lance (Undergraduate Student)
Natasha McFadden (Undergraduate Student)
Moniqua McLaughlin (Undergraduate Student)
Cassandra Negley (Undergraduate Student)
Sarah Page (Undergraduate Student)
Alec Richardson (Undergraduate Student)
Thomas Robertson (Undergraduate Student)
Amy Root (Undergraduate Student)
Kyle Sauln (Undergraduate Student)
Allison Sawyer (Undergraduate Student)
Robert Schulze (Undergraduate Student)
James Zollweg (Faculty)
Topic: Earth Science
Location: Fireside Lounge - Union
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)