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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Zeste Regulations Notch through Enhancer of Rudimentary

Notch is an important component of a conserved signal-transduction pathway that regulates a number of developmental pathways in eukaryotes. Understanding the regulation of Notch is crucial for the understanding the role of Notch and other genes in the regulation of development. The gene called enhancer of rudimentary acts as a positive regulator of Notch. An analysis of the regulation of enhancer of rudimentary indicats that zeste positively regulates it. This means that zeste may regulate Notch through the positive regulation of enhancer of rudimentary. To examine this possibility, zeste - Notch double mutants were constructed and examined for their Notch mutant phenotypes. These results suggest that removing zeste activity reduces Notch expression, through the reduction in the expression of enhancer of rudimentary.

Presenters: Sergio Dilone Jr. (Undergraduate Student)
Brandy Scott (Undergraduate Student)
Stuart Tsubota (Faculty)
Topic: Biology
Location: 101 Edwards
Time: 11:05 am (Session II)