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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

How to Create a Winning Advertising Campaign Out of Thin Air

This presentation examines a marketing campaign created for Terminix®, a Memphis, TN-based pest control company. Here, advertisements designed for various media were created to increase Terminix’s rate of customer acquisition and net profit growth. This discussion analyzes the persuasive mechanisms used in each advertisement by dissecting their convincing components, explaining why these components are effectively persuasive and revealing the thought process used to synthesize them and create a coherent campaign. This type of discourse is valuable to the extent that audience members may better understand the communicative world that surrounds them; that listeners distinguish the existence of platforms intentionally established for the purpose of gaining an individual’s attention, stirring his interest and influencing his behavior. This allows one to comprehend the world beyond a consumer’s point of view and gives him a peek at the workings and machinations of highly trained persuaders (e.g. ad men and women, politicians, social movement leaders, self-made celebrities). This lifts the veil of ignorance that blinds most consumers and equips one with an understanding of the principles of persuasive communication, which he may employ to better his standing in life by winning over others through ethical persuasion and influence.

Presenters: Liam Fayle (Undergraduate Student)
Gabrielle Medley (Undergraduate Student)
Casandra Mehlenbacher (Undergraduate Student)
Lucas Potter (Undergraduate Student)
Robert Rua (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Communication
Location: 216 Hartwell
Time: 1:35 pm (Session III)