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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Supported Employment: An Evidenced Based Practice Promoting Recovery

Supported Employment (SE) is an Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) that helps people with serious and persistent mental illnesses (SPMI) find competitive jobs of their choice (Swanson, Becker, Drake & Merrens, 2008). “SE is based on the idea that working in a regular community job with people who don’t have a mental illness enhances people’s lives, promotes wellness, and reduces stigma” (Swanson, Becker, Drake & Merrens, 2008). This person-centered practice offers individualized, time unlimited support and allows people with a mental illness to become more autonomous in their recovery process and ultimately in their lives. This presentation will include research of current mental health populations and how SE has been found effective, as well as a brief description of the SE model and an explanation of the Fidelity Scale, a measurement of standardized practice. Additionally this presenter will share a few statistics of the SE program currently in use at the Rochester Psychiatric Center.

Presenter: Alison Franklin (Graduate Student)
Topic: Social Work
Location: 314 MetroCenter
Time: 6:20 pm (Session VI)