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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Modular Development of Web Applications

This presentation shows the process of developing features of a web-based application. In today's world, applications continue to be placed on the web so they can be accessed quickly and easily. The application created in this project was the Computer Science Department's Exit Interview Website. This site allows the department faculty to design a set of questions and store them in a web accessible database. The site allows a graduating student to be assigned to an interviewing professor. Also the faculty can use the application to record answers after completing the interview. This part of the project primarily revolved around developing the functionality as needed by the system administrator. The technologies utilized in this project include: PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS. The presentation will describe how these technologies are used to create a modularized system separating business logic components from graphical user interface components, thus enhancing maintainability of the application.

Presenter: Matthew Byrnes (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Computer Science
Location: 125 Hartwell
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)