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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Afghan Women and Birth Control

Birth control is essentially a very controversial and culturally not acceptable issue. It is needless to say that historically its practice has been greatly ignored by Afghan women - due to fear of religious teachings along with cultural prevention due to lack of awareness and access. This project pursues a better knowledge and understanding about Afghan women in the presenter's own Afghan community in Rochester. The presenter will address how Afghan women perceive birth control and their reproductive rights. To what extent do culture, religion, society, family, community and education shape their lives? This research gives voice to the experience, concerns, attitudes, and needs of Afghan women in America. It will also direct the presenter to answers about women in Afghanistan - how are they coping with this relatively new idea and access they have been exposed to. Can birth control empower Afghan women in Afghanistan?

Presenter: Tamana Pardais (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Women and Gender Studies
Location: 217 Hartwell
Time: 11:15 am (Session II)