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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Styles of Rhythm Tap

Professor Bill Evans, adjunct instructor Courtney World, musician James J. Kaufmann and senior dance major Kristen Socci will perform and discuss three different rhythm tap dance works, based on rhythms by the great African-American seminal rhythm tap artists Eddie Brown and Leon Collins. Six other dance majors will join Ms. Socci to perform Mr. Evans humourous "Yes, Indeed!" The session with end with an opportunity for viewers to ask questions.

Presenters: James Evans (Faculty)
Reisa Forster (Undergraduate Student)
Nanako Horikawa (Undergraduate Student)
James Kaufmann (Staff)
Heather Kleinschmidt (Undergraduate Student)
Jessica Moore (Undergraduate Student)
Sarah Morrill (Undergraduate Student)
Kristen Socci (Undergraduate Student)
Chelsea Wahrendorf (Undergraduate Student)
Courtney World (Faculty)
Topic: Dance
Location: Strasser Dance Studio- Hartwell
Time: 3:45 pm (Session V)