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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Study Abroad Through Brockport - Personal Experiences

Studying abroad is an opportunity for students to embark on an exciting adventure where they will learn more about their country, their home, their prior education and themselves than ever before. It is a personal and academic experience that can literally change the course of a person's life. In this session, past study abroad participants (STAR Presenters) of Brockport’s programs reflect upon their time abroad as they examine the ways in which their experience enriched their education, enhanced their character, and helped prepare them for life and work in an increasingly interdependent world. There will be a focus on Brockport’s Summer programs, and faculty/staff that lead programs through Brockport will present on the logistics of their programs. Staff from the Office of International Education will be there to answer all questions.

Presenters: Benjamin Briggs (Undergraduate Student)
Denise Marini (Undergraduate Student)
Erica Graham (Undergraduate Student)
Gregory Beauchamp (Undergraduate Student)
Kevin Bates (Undergraduate Student)
Lindsay Stephany (Staff)
Rachel Eagan (Undergraduate Student)
Ralph Trecartin (Staff)
Sarah Ferry (Undergraduate Student)
Soha Salamah (Undergraduate Student)
Jacqueline Thomas-Bell (Staff)
Topic: International Studies
Location: 211 Holmes
Time: 10:45 am (Session II)