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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

American Karoshi

1. Karoshi, (^, karshi) (pronounced /karo:ʃi/) or working yourself to death in Japanese is of major concern in certain parts of the world. Has America failed to acknowledge that one of our greatest importers has imported more than just physical goods? Studies about Japanese Karoshi have been completed in the past, highlighting the physical effects of overwork. There is little to no literature explaining the affects of American Karoshi the perceived freedom of leisure time. Based on previous thesis work, a study was done to measure said effects. Such research will aid recreation professionals in successfully providing programs and services for those who are overworked, and have a lack of perceived leisure time.

Presenter: Alyshia Zurlick (Faculty)
Topic: Recreation and Leisure
Location: Fireside Lounge - Union
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)