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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

The Role of Ease of Processing in Young Children's Persistent Overconfidence

In Lipko, Dunlosky, & Merriman (2009), preschoolers remained persistently overconfident across five trials of a picture recall task in which they were asked to predict how many of ten familiar pictures they would be able to recall once the pictures were hidden. Children were also asked to make postdictions before making their predictions. Although children’s postdictions were accurate, children did not use them in the formulation of their subsequent predictions. The current experiment evaluates ease-of-processing as a potential reason why children’s predictions failed to be influenced by their performance monitoring. In the current experiment, children will make predictions on the picture recall task but their predictions will be made after the pictures have been hidden. Hiding the pictures should prevent children from being influenced by the ease with which they have named the pictures and/or their overall level of familiarity with the pictures and thus increase the accuracy of their predictions. Results indicated that children’s predictions were overconfident across trials regardless of whether or not the pictures remained in view at the time of prediction.

Presenters: Kaitlin Sampson (Undergraduate Student)
Lauren Wilkins (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Psychology
Location: 123 Hartwell
Time: 11 am (Session II)