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Scholars Day: April 7, 2010

Interrogating the Industrial Eater

Most Americans are not aware of the realities of how and where the food they consume on a daily basis is produced. The images of the 1930’s farm house frequently presented to consumers in modern super markets do not accurately reflect the reality of America’s current industrial food production system. This system favors cheap calories and mass production over high quality nutrient rich food produced in a sustainable fashion. In the past several years a number of documentaries have been produced with the goal of exposing the negative consequences of industrial food production to the American public. This study examines if and how individuals who have seen these types of documentaries alter their food consumption patterns. A series of personal interviews will be the main source of data collection in this study.

Presenter: Thomas Happell (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Sociology
Location: 216 Holmes
Time: 11:05 am (Session II)