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Scholars Day: April 11, 2012

Brockport Celebrates Scholars Day

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Perceptions of Apple Inc. in the Context of Its Unique Marketing Techniques

The purpose of this study is to analyze how Apple Inc.'s unique marketing techniques differentiate its products. The research approach adopted in this thesis includes company sources and secondary resources. This study uses marketing concepts such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, the 4 P's, and Porter's five forces to provide evidence that Apple's marketing techniques are indeed uniquely effective. The anticipated outcome of this thesis is to inform both large and small businesses that by adopting these marketing techniques they can learn to differentiate their products as well as to create a new and improved marketing strategy. The findings in this thesis may help businesses to create a stronger brand identity and to become more competitive in their industries.

Please note that presentation times are approximate. If you are interested in attending sessions with multiple presentations, please be in the room at the start of the session.
Presenter: Bianca Phillips (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Marketing
Location: 120 Hartwell
Time: 9 am Session I