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Scholars Day: April 11, 2012

When Government Sponsored Theatre and the Beavers Revolted.

Between 1935 and 1939, the US government sponsored the Federal Theatre Project (FTP) which produced over twelve thousand productions seen by over twenty-five million people in forty of the forty-eight states. Part of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, the FTP put unemployed actors, designers, directors and playwright back to work producing old and new works in old and new spaces for little or no cost to the audience. Despite its benefits, the project was not without its detractors, eventually falling under the weight of cries of communism from Martin Dies, Jr. and the House Committee on Un-American Activities. In less than four years, the FTP launched trends and concepts that remain a vital part of the American Theatre. This session will present highlights from this era in the American Theatre and a few cautionary tales.

Please note that presentation times are approximate. If you are interested in attending sessions with multiple presentations, please be in the room at the start of the session.
Presenters: Bianca Bishop (Undergraduate Student)
Aubrey Cheney (Undergraduate Student)
Michael Colling (Undergraduate Student)
Tyshon Davis (Undergraduate Student)
Stephanie Foote (Undergraduate Student)
Matthew Hepworth (Undergraduate Student)
Tina Hrubes (Undergraduate Student)
Lincoln Jacobs (Undergraduate Student)
Johanna Kapaan (Undergraduate Student)
Tyrone Nichols (Undergraduate Student)
Michael Nutting (Undergraduate Student)
Wayne O'Neill (Undergraduate Student)
P Gibson Ralph (Faculty)
Craig Spencer (Undergraduate Student)
Collin Stout (Undergraduate Student)
Christopher Sutton (Undergraduate Student)
Kayla Swan (Undergraduate Student)
Jacob Terrigino (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Theatre
Location: 105 Edwards
Time: 10:45 am Session II