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Brockport / Scholars Day / 2013 / Schedule

Scholars Day: April 10, 2013

Bodies in Space/Bodies as Space: Current Perspectives of Dance Improvisation in Puerto Rico

This presentation analyzes the dance improvisation practices and discourses of two Puerto Rican female artists, Ñequi González and Noemí Segarra. In this paper, attention is paid to the sociopolitical and historical contexts where González and Segarra have developed their careers as improvisers and entrepreneurs. In addition each artist’s perception/definition of space in relation to her moving body is highlighted, and related to the larger body of her artistic work. How does each improviser define space(s)? How are their moving bodies related to their definition of space(s)? How does each artist’s perception of spaces influence her artistic practices and vice versa?

Presenter: Marielys Burgos-Melendez (Graduate Student)
Topic: Dance
Location: Hartwell Dance Theatre
Time: 1:45 pm (Session III)
Please note that presentation times are approximate. If you are interested in attending sessions with multiple presentations, please be in the room at the start of the session.