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Brockport / Scholars Day / 2013 / Schedule

Scholars Day: April 10, 2013


Noted superstar cyclist Lance Armstrong, dogged by allegations of doping, duped the mainstream media and finally confessed in a tell all interview to Oprah Winfrey. Star Notre Dame linebacker and runner up for the 2013 Heisman Trophy, Manti Te’o was caught in a social media hoax that questioned his judgment and may alter his career. For the first time in many years not one major league baseball player was inducted into the hall of fame, why? As a result of Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State pedophile sex scandal, Penn State was hit with some of the most punitive NCAA sanctions in history. Why? Sensational stories like these capture current headlines, but in recent years “sport” is more and more the center of attention in the news. Armstrong/Te’o will explore what happens when “Sport” becomes the arena for social issues.

Presenters: Katie Brown (Undergraduate Student)
Sean Kausch (Undergraduate Student)
James McDonald (Undergraduate Student)
Amie Zwecker (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Communication
Location: 102 Edwards
Time: 9 am (Session I)
Please note that presentation times are approximate. If you are interested in attending sessions with multiple presentations, please be in the room at the start of the session.