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Brockport / Scholars Day / 2013 / Schedule

Scholars Day: April 10, 2013

Advanced Physics Laboratory

Physics majors at the junior/senior levels in the Advanced Physics Laboratory present results from experiements they out early in the semester. These experiments include vacuum/cryogenic techniques, X-ray diffraction, and investigations of magnetic, electrical and thermodynamics properties of materials. Measurement results of resistivity of metals (conductors), semiconductors and superconductors, as well as magnetic susceptibility and specific heat are included among others.

Presenters: Robert Chancia (Undergraduate Student)
Jonathan Delehanty (Undergraduate Student)
Stephen Doud (Undergraduate Student)
Thomas Loughlin (Undergraduate Student)
Natalie Mundt (Undergraduate Student)
Colby Raymond (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Physics
Location: Fireside Lounge, Seymour Union
Time: 9:30 am (Session I)
Please note that presentation times are approximate. If you are interested in attending sessions with multiple presentations, please be in the room at the start of the session.