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Brockport / Scholars Day / 2013 / Schedule

Scholars Day: April 10, 2013

Humanity and Efficiency: The Partnering of Dance and Management Theory

Dance and management theory may seem to exist in very different spheres, yet historically the two have partnered, causing shifts in both. In the 1940ís, dancer Rudolph Laban teamed up with management consultants to bring his movement studies to scientific management. He honored and supported the humanity of those working in the factory. Unlike others doing time-motion studies, which sought to streamline workersí movement, Laban observed natural phrase and effort cycles, re-arranged worker position on the assembly line, and encouraged activities for physical recuperation. Inquiry into Labanís work in factories brings up questions around what theories, values and practices could dance offer todayís management theories. Can dance address the need for efficiency, while honoring the human being? How does the working body, increasingly disconnected from an actual product, connect to creating value? How can the whole-person approaches found in dance carve their way and value in workplace culture?

Presenter: Colleen Culley (Graduate Student)
Topic: Dance
Location: Hartwell Dance Theatre
Time: 10 am (Session I)
Please note that presentation times are approximate. If you are interested in attending sessions with multiple presentations, please be in the room at the start of the session.