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Brockport / Scholars Day / 2013 / Schedule

Scholars Day: April 10, 2013

A Long Journey Home to the Heart

This presentation documents one veteran’s forty-four year journey from imperialist invader to student providing community service. You travel back to 1968 as Jim briefly recounts his time as a young Marine in Viet Nam. You then move through the stages of transformation that led Jim to study abroad—about two miles from where he serviced warplanes forty-four years previous. Jim shares the gift of connecting with the people of Viet Nam that was provided by the Brockport Viet Nam Study Abroad Program.

Presenter: James F. Lachman (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: International Studies
Location: 11 Hartwell
Time: 10:45 am (Session II)
Please note that presentation times are approximate. If you are interested in attending sessions with multiple presentations, please be in the room at the start of the session.


Sat, Apr 26

APA & Library Services
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Research & Database Searching
noon - 1 pm