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About Scholars Day

What is Scholars Day?

Scholars Day is an annual celebration of the scholarship and creative activity by members of the The College at Brockport community. Scholars Day began in 1984 through the efforts of the College Senate.

Scholars Day has several purposes:

  • To publicize research, including methodologies and conclusions;
  • To share new ideas and concepts;
  • To expand our knowledge base beyond the traditional classroom;
  • To provide an opportunity for us to socialize with members of the campus community outside of one's own department.

Every year, hundreds of students, faculty and staff present their scholarly papers, posters and artisitc performances across campus. In 2011, the College launched The Spectrum, a faculty-reviewed journal of Scholars Day scholarship. Also beginning in 2011, the College has brought Scholars Day to the Web. See the Scholars Day Archive for more.

When and Where is Scholars Day?

Scholars Day is typically held on a Wednesday in April. See the Academic Calendar or the Scholars Day home page for more information.

Other Questions?

Get answers from Colleen Donaldson at or (585) 395-2523.