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Scholars Day 2005, Wednesday, April 13

The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in India: Utilizing the Precede-Proceed Model as a Theoretical Framework for HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs in India

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is steadily increasing in severity throughout the world. Many developing nations are experiencing surging incidence and prevalence rates of HIV infection, particularly India. Many youths in India harbor dangerous misconceptions regarding various aspects of HIV infection. There is a need for a multi-dimensional, systematic approach to decrease the spread of HIV in India. The Precede-Proceed model developed by Green et al (1980) and Green & Kreuter (1991), can readily be applied to ameliorate various community health problems. This presentation argues that the Precede-Proceed model can be used as a theoretical framework for HIV/AIDS prevention programs in India.

Presenter: Courtney Mattle (Undergraduate Student)
Location: 204 Holmes
Time: 4:20 pm (Session V)