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Scholars Day 2005, Wednesday, April 13

July '64: A Video Documentary

July 24, 2004 marked the 40th anniversary of a three-day conflict that altered the course of history in Rochester, New York. Itís an event that should not be forgotten. Thatís why film director Carvin Eison, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, is proud to present July í64, an hour-long documentary that offers historical retrospect rich in context. July í64 explores many of the causal factors contributing to the episode itself and clarifies how these issues resonate in the community of Rochester today. The documentary presents frightening implications Ė things havenít changed much in Rochester in the last 40 years. July Ď64 is a production of ImageWordSound, presented by Independent Television Service (ITVS), National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) and WXXI-TV with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional funding provided by the New York State Assembly. July '64 has been selected for broadcast on the national PBS documentary series "Independent Lens," 2005-2006 season. Additionally July í64 was presented at the Polish Museum of Contemporary Art during an international conference on Race, Nationalism and Memory, March 2005 and July Ď64 has received the Award of Excellence from (BEA) Broadcast Education Association, 2005.

Presenter: Carvin Eison (Faculty)
Topic: Communication
Location: 107 Holmes
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)