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Scholars Day 2005, Wednesday, April 13

Applying Delphi Survey Methodology in Policy Research: Curriculum Redesign in Criminal Justice

The Delphi method integrates induction and deduction to make forecasts on future improvement and change. In addition to its utility in futures studies, the technique is applicable for policy research leading to organizational development. A series of questionnaires were sent to faculty members in the Department of Criminal Justice to assist in determining the feasibility of redesigning the undergraduate curriculum. The Delphi method facilitates discussion among requisite department members while maintaining anonymity of those who participated. Through this exchange of opinions, results indicate that the Delphi method is an effective planning tool due to its evolutionary epistemology. Results of the study, the applicability of the Delphi method, and proposed change outcomes will be discussed.

Presenters: Richard Lumb (Faculty)
Yumin Wang (Faculty)
Topic: Criminal Justice
Location: 107 Edwards
Time: 10:45 am (Session II)