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Scholars Day 2005, Wednesday, April 13

Exploring Students with Learning Disabilities

At least 109 students at SUNY Brockport were classified with learning disabilities, reflecting a 100% increase from last academic year. A group of students enrolled in Social Work Research Methods (SWO 310) considered exploring students with learning disabilities as their main research topic. Main interest pertained to students' perceptions of students with a learning disability (LD). It was hypothesized that students with a learning disability had a better understanding of LD compared to students without a learning disability. A total of 100 students responded to a 52 item survey. In our sample, 90.8% of the student respondents were students without a learning disability and 9.2% of the respondents were students classified with a learning disability. Out of our sample, 70.4% were Caucasian and 29.6% were ethnic minority students. In our sample, 95% of the respondents were of traditional age, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, and 5% were non-traditional. The average age was 21. Finally, 59% of the respondents were female and 41% were male. Findings revealed that students had limited knowledge of LD. As expected, LD students had a better understanding of LD than non-LD students. Other findings indicated that the majority of LD students felt that the faculty, classrooms, building facilities, and campus grounds were making reasonable accommodations. Lastly, LD students tend to use campus services more than students without a learning disability during any given month of the academic year. Recommendations for academic services and research will be discussed.

Presenter: Rebecca Nemitz (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Social Work
Location: 106A Edwards
Time: 3:10 pm (Session IV)