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Scholars Day 2005, Wednesday, April 13

Like Sands Through an Hourglass So Are the Centuries of Our Lives: The History of Women

The purpose of this project is to examine the different roles women have played throughout the centuries. Skits will be used to view the lives that women once had to live. They also show that women have evolved to become the strong and powerful women you see among us. All of the skits have been performed previously. This is a very entertaining project, but it is based on accurate and heartbreaking events. The way our society still views women in our society restricts women and makes it very difficult for women to advance in many job fields. Women are still seen as being inferior to the male population, making it difficult for women to break through the stereotypes and stand out above their male counterparts.

Presenter: Jessica Hoffman (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Women's Studies
Location: 107 Edwards
Time: 10 am (Session I)