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Scholars Day 2005, Wednesday, April 13

Measuring Customer Satisfaction in an Adult Day Health Program

For 15 years, an adult day health program used a questionnaire with closed-ended items, such as “Are you satisfied with daily activities?” The data collected becomes questionable when this query implies that a certain level of satisfaction will exist. Yet, program members have lost much of their previously enjoyed independence and experience conflicting feelings upon admission. Given this, what kind of “satisfaction score” is realistic for a program in this context and for its staff? This project involves the development of a new survey instrument. Twenty-five Likert-scale items provide participant with a range of responses that are not available under the old tool. During the data collection process, critical flaws in survey design became apparent. The project discusses recommendations for improving survey methods, including the need to adequately train and educate the staff involved with the annual survey process. Such planning will enhance staff buy-in and overall survey administration.

Presenter: Julie Cataldo (Graduate Student)
Topic: Social Work
Location: 336 MetroCenter
Time: 6 pm (Session VI)