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Extraordinary Academic Scholarships For International Students

These dollar amounts are for fall/spring 2015 – 2016. The College at Brockport reserves the right to limit the number of scholarships awarded each year. Please review information about Taxability of Scholarships as this could impact the dollar amount received.

Extraordinary Scholarship Eligibility Table

Presidential Scholar-in-Residence
For emerging scholars. Incoming freshmen are eligible if they have a 1200* or higher SAT or 26 ACT score and one “A” and 2 “Bs” or higher in “A”-level subjects or its equivalent (93 GPA). The award provides partial room for up to four years for freshmen, with a top value of $18,000. Scholars must reside in the residence halls each semester.

Dean's Scholar-in-Residence
This scholarship is available to incoming freshmen with 1100* or higher SAT or 24 ACT score and one “A” and 2 “Cs” or higher in “A”-level subjects or its equivalent (90 GPA). This four-year freshman scholarship has a top value of $9,000. Deans Scholars are also required to live on campus each semester.

Scholar Recognition Award for Out-of-State Students
This award offers a scholarship valued at $4,000 for freshman students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement throughout their high school program. On-campus residency is required. 

Please note:  These scholarships cannot be combined with one another, nor can they be combined with the Honors College Scholarship. However, out-of-state students who are awarded the Scholar Recognition Award can also receive the Presidential, Dean's or Honors Scholarship as long as the student meets the academic requirements for one of those awards.


*The SAT minimum requirement is based on the critical reading and math scores. The SAT writing score will not be used as a determining factor for College at Brockport scholarship eligibility.

Last Updated 8/17/15