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About the School of Science and Mathematics

If you are fascinated by science and math, have an interest in pursuing a career in one of these fields, and want to be part of the most important trend in the world’s developing economies, the School of Science and Mathematics will provide you with the world-class experience you are looking for.  We invite you to explore our programs, visit departments websites and see what the School of Science and Mathematics can offer you.

Through classroom instruction, field work, internships, independent study, and/or laboratory experiments, all programs ground students in the theories and methods of science and mathematics and help them develop the analytical, computational and observational skills they need to excel in a world increasingly reliant on science and technology.

Our talented faculty are putting their expertise to work on pressing topics with real-life implications such as: using computational modeling to determine how to deliver drugs so they are more effective; preserving our fragile wetlands; understanding how the body’s cells signal the onset of cancer; elucidating how the brain controls and affects human behavior. Our faculty engage students in scholarship and discussion in the classroom, enable them to acquire analytical, computational, and observational skills in the laboratory and through field work, and invite them to work on research projects. You’ll often find our students presenting research results at regional and national conferences and/or co-authoring scientific publications.

We have top-notch facilities. Visit our science labs and you will see biology students using electron microscopes, meteorology (earth science) students using Doppler radar, chemistry students using nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, computer science students working on network security, and physics students using tunable lasers.

Our graduates have gone on to careers in a wide range of professions, including jobs with top tech firms like Google and Inficon and postgraduate work at top universities across North America.

President Obama has stated that “if you look at who our long-term competition will be in the global economy… the countries…whose education system emphasizes the sciences and mathematics…are going to have a significant advantage….I want to specifically see more math and science graduates.” (New York Times Magazine, May 3, 2009).     

Please contact us to learn more.

Dean Jose Maliekal, PhD


Jose Maliekal

Jose Maliekal, PhD

(Meteorology) University of Hawaii, Honolulu

Research Interests: Climate Dynamics; Tropical Meteorology; Lake-effect Snow; Time Series Modeling of Meteorological processes; Storm Tracks

TM Rao

TM Rao, PhD
Associate Dean

Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Computer Science Education




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