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School Of Science And Mathematics Stats

(Spring 2013)

Dean Dr. Jose Maliekal Brown Building 268Work (585)395-2394
Associate Dean Dr. T. M. Rao Brown Building 248 (585)395-2394
Secretary Ms. Karen Kifer Brown Building 268 (585)395-2394

Number of Departments 8
Number of full-time faculty members  
Number of Students  
Number of Graduating Students (2011-12)


Undergraduate Major Programs
Department Major Programs
Biology Biology
Medical Technology
Chemistry Chemistry
Computer Science Computer Science
Computer Information Systems
Earth Sciences Earth Science
Water Resources

Environmental Scienceand Biology

Environmental Science
Mathematics Mathematics
Physics Physics
Psychology Psychology
Graduate Programs
Department Graduate Programs
Biology MS in Biological Sciences
Environmental Science
and Biology
MS in Environmental Science
and Biology
Mathematics MA in Mathematics
Psychology MA in Psychology
Our talented faculty members are putting their expertise to work on pressing topics with real-life
implications such as: using computational modeling to determine how to deliver drugs so they
are more effective; preserving our fragile wetlands; understanding how the body’s cells signal
the onset of cancer; elucidating how the brain controls and affects human behavior

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