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Brockport / Science and Mathematics / mission

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The School of Science and Mathematics is dedicated to:

Providing an exemplary education in mathematics and computing, and in the physical, life, and behavioral sciences

Developing in its students the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as researchers, science and mathematics educators, and members of a work force increasingly dependent on science, technology, and innovation

Serving those learners who share a curiosity about nature and the world around them

Creating and disseminating new knowledge through research and professional service

School's Vision

The School of Science and Mathematics will be recognized in the region, state and nation for the outstanding educational experience in mathematics and science it provides its undergraduate and graduate students, for the quality of its faculty and their contributions to the creation of new knowledge, and for the success of the School's alumni and their lifelong commitment to the advancement of the School and College.

School's Values

A. SSM is dedicated to fostering student success and providing students with an engaging educational experience. We expect our students to acquire knowledge and develop skills they need to compete and thrive in a complex and challenging world, and to demonstrate at the time of graduation or at appropriate stages as they progress through a degree program in the School Science and Mathematics the ability to:

use systematic strategies, backed by analytical and quantitative reasoning to analyze and solve problemsengage in scientific modes of inquiry, formulate hypotheses, design experiments, gather data, and analyze data using appropriate mathematical and computational techniques. evaluate information derived from experiments and other sources critically, and use the information effectively.
use deep subject knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to solve complex problems in the scientific or mathematical discipline of specialization
communicate effectively, both in oral and written form, using accepted norms of the discipline of specialization.


Last Updated 10/22/13