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Special Events Recreation Center (SERC)

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Executive Summary

Correlation to the campus master plan and mission

The College at Brockport aims to be a nationally recognized comprehensive master’s institution focused on student success as evidenced by significant gains in selected benchmarks.

The goal of the Facilities Master Plan is to create a learning environment and quality of place that advances the intent of the College to be a Model 21st Century Public Comprehensive College.

There are four specific constructs through which the College will obtain optimal student success and national recognition:


 The SERC facilitates these core values:

  1. Academic quality & engagement – Kinetic Kafé serves as a meeting area for students and advisors to share their academic experience. The SERC is used as a classroom and lab space supporting academic programs.
  2. Co curricular programming & support services – The SERC is a multi-use facility accommodating the programming needs of Campus Recreation, Athletics, KSSPE, and college-wide programs and celebrations.
  3. Learning environment & quality of place –Student employment is critical to the daily operation providing experiential opportunities, career exploration and leadership development in a state of the art facility.
  4. A culture of philanthropy & Alumni connectedness - The grand opening ceremonies and homecoming festivities brought together students, faculty/staff and alumni.

Physical Attributes:

  • Optimize the efficiency and utilization of the existing facilities and identify the potential for new facilities to accommodate programmatic needs
    • The location of the SERC was chosen to optimize the efficiency and utilization of the existing Tuttle Complex, providing additional Physical Education space adjacent to the existing facilities.  
  • Create places and spaces to foster campus community
    • The intent for the SERC is to foster campus community by creating places that all members of the college can use and enjoy.  The House of Fields (HOF) is a 70,000 sqft multi-purpose high ceiling space with 3,850 retractable seats and the capacity to accommodate up to 5,500 attendees. Configured around a 200 meter track, its lanes are wide enough to accommodate disabled athletes. Furthermore, it has the ability to subdivide into three large areas for multiple, concurrent athletic, physical education and recreation purposes
  • Organize the campus to strengthen the academic mission
    • The SERC provides a primary entry creating a student and visitor friendly social-educational environment. A connecting gallery along the south of the existing Tuttle Complex corrects glaring, existing circulation shortfalls: it will link east and west ends of the facility providing direct SERC access to existing and relocated parking lots flanking the facility.  

Intended and actual impact to your recreation program

The SERC addresses a weakness in the Brockport student experience. It provides extended opportunities for fitness, wellness, and recreational participation, allowing for the introduction of additional club sports and new intramural programs. Furthermore, the facility offers additional student employment opportunities in areas such as Recreation, Athletics, and Facility Management.

Unique aesthetic or architectural design features

  • Curvilinear glass Northern façade and glass Southern façade to allow extensive use of natural light
  • Three story sky lit open lobby space to visually connect all levels.
  • Three dimensional open web steel roof trusses with a width of 15 feet, and a clear span of 215 feet.

Relationship between facility design and staffing

The openness of the facility allows for visual contact between student and professional staff in many areas of the building. Where passive supervision is limited, surveillance cameras are installed so the security of the facility is ensured.  

The Membership Services Desk (MSD) is a central access point to the facility. Its location is in direct eyesight of entry. Adjacent to the MSD, the Campus Recreation Office Suite features glass windows on its exterior allowing for additional passive supervision. Its position enables professional assistance to be provided when necessary.

Also included are:

  • Five work stations for GA’s and Students.
  • Conference room with technology for conference calls, video seminars, and trainings.

Other features in proximity to the MSD include:

  • Elevator
  • Digital signage touch screens
  • Connector to Tuttle Complex
  • Exit to Outdoor Facilities

When classes are not in session, the facility is designed so a small staff can oversee operations.

Innovative construction materials or methods/green features

These two topics are addressed concurrently.  There are many sustainable/green strategies employed, and the project is on track to receive, at minimum, LEED Silver certification.

  • The project utilizes an innovative cooling system for the air conditioning needs of the building.  This consists of an underground vault containing refrigeration coils surrounded by water.  During off-peak power generation (overnight hours), the chillers supply below freezing solution to the cooling coils, which freezes the surrounding water into a slurry. During peak power generation (daylight hours), the solution pumped through the refrigeration coils is chilled by the surrounding frozen 'slurry', supplying chilled water to the air handling units instead of chilled water from the cooling towers.  The use of this innovative system results in significant energy savings, enabling the project to qualify for several LEED credits.
  • The project makes extensive use of glazing (exterior and interior), allowing for natural light to penetrate the envelope, and pass through intervening spaces to the interior of the building.
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures are utilized throughout, resulting in water savings of over 50% when compared to a 'baseline' building.
  • Due to the size and span of the roof trusses in the HOF, it was necessary to fabricate and assemble them on-site in a specially fabricated jig, allowing them to be craned into place.

 Use of technology and how it benefits the customer, staff, and/or budget

Before the implementation of the Fusion software, Campus Recreation was 100% paper driven. Since its inception the amount of time used to input data has decreased, allowing for a real-time snapshot of facility operations, reducing the amount of paper usage.

Digital signage allows for immediate announcements to be communicated. The department operates paperless when promoting events, rather utilizing digital signage, and social media.

Most cardio equipment in the fitness center is Ipod compatible, while 13 have personal viewing screens. There are two Dual Adjustable Pulley Machines with touch screens offering 60+ video demonstrations. Wireless internet is accessible throughout the SERC.




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