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Faculty/Staff FAQ's

a.Tomorrow's Professor eNewsletter: 1385. Online Courses-What is Lost, What is Gained and What about Something Called Rigor?
b. Best Practices document
c. Course Checklist PDF document
d. Class Differences-Online Education in the United States
e. Current ANGEL/Blackboard Training Workshops
f. What Your Colleagues are Saying about Online Teaching
g. Teaching Social Statistics Online by Amy Guptill

How do students register for Brockport SLN courses?

Students register for SLN courses as they do for any course via Brockport's online registration system at Contact Sue Derry at The College at Brockport at (585) 395-5734 or email with registration questions. Students are responsible for completing all course schedule changes with the Office of Registration and Records.

How do I get help?

Accessing your SLN Course or finding your Brockport NetID (username/password):
Contact the Brockport Help Desk at (585) 395-5151 or visit Help Desk hours are posted on their website. You'll also find a link on the left sidebar of this page titled, "Brockport Help Desk." When you call or email, PLEASE indicate that you are an SLN instructor.

How do I access my SLN course?

Your Brockport SLN course will appear in your Learning Management System (LMS) site along with the rest of your courses. Identify your asynchronous, SLN course via the SLN Logo within the course. You can access your course at:

NOTE: You may also click on the link at the sidebar to the left titled "Access your Brockport SLN Courses."

Transitioning from ANGEL to Blackboard:
Blackboard Training Faculty Workshops:
ANGEL to Blackboard Transition Website:

How do I communicate with my students?

SLN students will be communicating with you and their classmates entirely within the LMS via Discussion Forums and Course Mail.

Should I have virus protection on my computer?

Always. If you do not have anti-virus software (e.g., McAfee or Norton), please contact the Brockport Help Desk at (585) 395-5151 for assistance. Be sure to set it up to update the virus definition files at least once a week. Consider using a personal firewall product, particularly if you use cable or a DSL connection to the Internet. Personal firewalls do cost money, but consider how much a loss of data or your computer would set you back.

What important dates should I note?

Click here to view the College's official Academic Calendar for important dates:

"Go Live" dates are generally one week before your course officially begins. You will need to ensure that the appropriate course areas and modules in your course are open for student access.

Where can I find additional resources?

LMS walk-in training: The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) and Information Technology Services (ITS) are continuing to offer walk-in training hours during the fall/spring on Monday afternoons from 12-4 pm and Thursday mornings from 9 am-1 pm in the CELT Resource Center, room 100B Edwards Hall. On a first-come, first-served basis, faculty and staff can stop by CELT and receive help with any problems, questions, or issues relating to their LMS. If you have any questions about this service, please call CELT at (585) 395-5088 or send an email to

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT): CELT is dedicated to the advancement of student learning through the highest quality collegiate instruction. CELT delivers services to advance student learning and teaching excellence, to empower students and instructors through the development and delivery of educational practices that facilitate meaningful learning, and to improve the quality of educational experiences for students and faculty.

MERLOT ( Learning Object Repository (LOR) to find peer reviewed online teaching and learning materials. Share advice and expertise about education with expert colleagues and be recognized for your contributions to quality online teaching and learning.

EDUCAUSE Quarterly: A practitioner's journal for college and university managers and users of information resources—information, technology, and services.

Online Tutoring Assignment Samples: Familarizing students with online tutoring services before they need the support.

Drake Memoriral Library Faculty Reources

Teaching Online Information Sessions (offered each semester)

Office of Special Sessions and Programs
The College at Brockport
142 Albert Brown Building
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420-2944
(585) 395-5734

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