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Faculty Information

Regular Faculty:

Dr. Melody Boyd

Education: Ph.D., Temple University
Specialties: Race/ethnicity, urban sociology, sociology of the family, sociology of education, low-income housing policy
Phone: (585) 395-5661
Web Site: Dr. Boyd's Web Page
E-mail: mboyd AT
Office: Hartwell 205A

Tristan Bridges

Dr. Tristan Bridges

Education: Ph.D., University of Virginia
Specialties: Gender, Sexuality, Family, Inequality, Qualitative Methodologies
Phone: (585) 395-5658
Web Site: Dr. Bridges's Web Page
E-mail: tbridges AT
Office: Hartwell 206

Dr. Copelton

Dr. Denise Copelton

Education:  Ph.D., Binghamton University
Specialities:  Medical Sociology, Food & Nutrition, Family, Deviance, Qualitative Methods
Phone:  (585) 395-5668
Web Site: Dr. Copelton's Web Page
E-mail:  dcopelto AT
Office:  Hartwell 203B

Julie Ford

Dr. Julie Ford, Chair

Education: Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center
Specialty: Urban Sociology, Research Methods, Social Statistics, Substance Abuse, and Culture
Phone: (585) 395-5656
Web Site: Dr. Ford's Web Page
E-mail: jford AT
Office: Hartwell 204A

Dr. Guptill

Dr. Amy Guptill

Education: Ph.D., Cornell University
Specialty: Development and Globalization, Rural Sociology, Food and Agriculture, and Social Movements
Phone: (585) 395-5657
Web Site: Dr. Guptill's Web Page
Email: aguptill AT
Office: Hartwell 205C

Dr. Tober

Dr. Tara Leigh Tober

Education: Ph.D., University of Virginia
Specialty: Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Memory, Globalization, Inequality
Phone: (585) 395-5655
Website: Dr. Tober's Web Page
E-mail: ttober AT Office: Hartwell 203C

 Dr. Weininger

Dr. Elliot B. Weininger

Education: Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center
Specialty: Theory, Stratification, Education, and Culture
Phone: (585) 395-5659
Web Site: Dr. Weininger's Web Page
E-mail: eweining AT
Office: Hartwell 205B

Emeriti Faculty:

Joan Spade

Dr. Joan Spade

Education: Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo
Specialty: Education, Gender, and Family
Web Site: Dr Spade's Web Page
E-mail: jspade AT


 JoAnn Sigler

Ms. JoAnn Sigler, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (585) 395-2619
E-mail: jsigler AT
Office: Hartwell 204


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