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Brockport / Sociology /Faculty / Dr. Tristan Bridges

Dr. Tristan Bridges

Assistant Professor of Sociology


Contact Information

Office: 206 Hartwell Hall
Office phone: 585-395-5658


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Virginia

Areas of Specialization

Qualitative Methodologies


Introduction to Sociology
Sociology of Men & Masculinities
Sociology of Gender
Sociology of Sexualities

Research Interests

My research is part of a subfield of gender studies: studies on men and masculinities. I am interested in how men resist, reproduce, and ignore changes in gender relations in the United States.  Toward this end,  I have studied male bodybuilders, pro-feminist men, fathers' rights activists, and a group of male bar regulars. I am currently working on a project with U.S. couples with "man caves" in their homes.  I am broadly interested in the flexibility of gender and the persistence of insecurity among men alongside enduring patterns of gender and sexual inequality.

Selected Publications

Forthcoming. “Hybrid Masculinities: New Directions in the Sociology of Men and Masculinities.” Sociology Compass. Co-Authored with Dr. C.J. Pascoe.

2014. “A Very ‘Gay’ Straight?: Hybrid Masculinities, Sexual Aesthetics, and the Changing Relationship between Masculinity and Homophobia.” Gender & Society 28(1): 58-82.

2013. “Issues of Intimacy, Masculinity, and Ethnography.” In Men, Masculinities, and Methodologies, edited by B. Pini and B. Pease. Palgrave Macmillan.

2011. "Engaging Men in the United States: Soft Essentialism and the Obstacles to Coherent Initiatives in Education and Family Policy." Pp. 159-173 in Men and Masculinities around the World: Transforming Men's Practices, edited by E. Ruspini, J. Hearn, B. Pease and K. Pringle. Palgrave Macmillan.

2011. "Masculinity." In Oxford Bibliographies Online: Sociology. Ed. EIC. New York: Oxford University Press.

2010. "Men Just Weren't Made to Do This: Performances of Drag at 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes' Marches." Gender & Society 24(1): 5-30.

2009. "Gender Capital and Male Bodybuilders." Body & Society 15(1): 83-107.

Grants & Awards

2010-2011. University of Virginia Faculty Senate Dissertation Year Fellowship.

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