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Brockport / Sociology /Faculty / Dr. Julie Ford

Dr. Julie Ford

Associate Professor & Department Chair



Ph.D., Sociology. City University of New York, Graduate Center.
M.A., Sociology. University of Minnesota.
B.A., Sociology. University of Minnesota.

Contact Info

Office: 204A Hartwell Hall
Office Phone: 585-395-5656
jford AT

Areas of Specialization:

Urban Sociology
Data Analysis & Statistics
Substance Use

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology
Social Institutions
Social Problems
Research Methods
Urban Sociology
Mass Media

Current Research

The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) recently released a wave of data that, for the first time, include substance use variables. I am in the beginning stages of a new research project that examines substance use outcomes of children based on parental characteristics, notably employment history and religion. Given the longitudinal nature of these data, and due to the fact that as the children of the initial families themselves have children and make new families, which are in turn, added to the PSID, these data are extremely complex to use. I will present the first paper using these data at the Eastern Sociological Society meeting in the spring of 2011.

Selected Publications:

Ford, Julie M.  2006.  “Some Implications of Denominational Heterogeneity and Church Attendance for Alcohol Consumption among Hispanics.”  The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 45: 253-267.

Ford, Julie M. and Andrew A. Beveridge.  2006.  “Varieties of Substance Use and Visible Drug Problems: Individual and Neighborhood Factors.”  Journal of Drug Issues 36 (2): 377-392.

Ford, Julie M. and Andrew A. Beveridge.  2006.  “Neighborhood Crime Victimization, Drug Use and Drug Sales: Results from the Fighting Back Evaluation.”  Journal of Drug Issues 36 (2): 389-412.

Ford, Julie M. and Andrew A. Beveridge.  2004.  “’Bad’ Neighborhoods, Fast Food, ‘Sleazy’ Businesses, and Drug Dealers: Relations Between the Location of Licit and Illicit Businesses in the Urban Environment.”  Journal of Drug Issues 34:51-76.

Ford, Julie and Charles Kadushin.  2002.  “Between Sacral Belief and Moral Community: A Multidimensional Approach to the Relationship Between Religion and Alcohol among Whites and Blacks.”  Sociological Forum 17:255-279.

Ford, Julie.  2001.  “Substance Use and Self-Reported Mental Health: The Moderating Effect of Acquaintance Use Behavior Among Adults.”  Journal of Drug Issues 31:565-590.

Saxe, Leonard, Charles Kadushin, Andrew Beveridge, David Livert, Elizabeth Tighe, David Rindskopf, Julie Ford, and Archie Brodsky.  2001.  “The Visibility of Illicit Drugs: Implications for Community-based Drug Control Strategies.”  American Journal of Public Health 91:1987-1994

Ford, Julie, Stephen Thompson and Elliot Weininger.  1994.  “Utopian Politics in a Multicultural Society: An Interview with Jürgen Habermas.”  Found Object 3:3-10.

Fine, Gary Alan and Julie Ford.  1989.  “Magic Settings: The Reflection of Middle Class-Life in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’”  Midwestern Folklore 15:89-100.

Grants & Awards:

Nuala McGann Dresher Affirmative Action/Diversity Leave Award, Spring 2005.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Medical and Health Research Association.  71 West 23rd Street, New York, NY.  2001 to 2003.

Cultural Studies Fellowship.  CUNY-Graduate Center, New York, NY.  1991-1992.

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