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Affirming Enrollment and Accepting Financial Responsibility
An enrolled student at The College at Brockport is defined as one who has registered for courses and has accepted all associated charges. The College refers to this as having "Affirmed Enrollment and Accepted Financial Responsibility." After registering, you must lock in your course schedule by going online and affirming your enrollment by Friday, May 1, 2015. Having done this tells the College that you want the courses, you are accepting all associated charges and financial responsibility for them and you want to lock in your course schedule.

In order not to have financial liability for these charges, you must drop the courses before your summer course begins. This screen will always precede access to the registration screen. Students do not have to accept charges before registering for courses. If the student is unable to make this commitment during the initial registration session, s/he will have the opportunity to check the box later by returning to this web page.

Students may affirm enrollment and accept financial responsibility anytime after the original registration, but must do so by Friday, May 1, 2015. Courses are only reserved through May 1, 2015. Students who do not affirm their enrollment by May 1, 2015 will be removed from their course(s) to maximize seating space in classes for other students. Late fees will be assessed for re-registration of courses after they have been removed.

Students who register on or after Saturday, May 2, 2015 must affirm enrollment and accept financial responsibility within 24 hours of registration.

To Affirm Enrollment and Accept Financial Responsibility:

  • Go to
  • Click <Quick Links>
  • Click <Web Banner>
  • Login to the system with your User ID (SS# or Banner ID#) and PIN
  • Click on <Student Services>
  • Click on <Registration>
  • Click on <Affirm Enrollment>
  • Choose the appropriate semester from the drop down list.
  • Click <Accept>and then <Submit>. If you click "Accept" without clicking "Submit", your enrollment will not be affirmed.
  • You will receive the message "Our records show that you have accepted the enrollment agreement." If you do not get that message, be sure you have clicked "Accept" AND "Submit".
  • Your enrollment will then be locked in for SummerSession '15.

Class nonattendance does not excuse financial obligation. If you are registered for a class, you will be responsible for full payment of your course schedule whether or not you attend class(es).

You are responsible for getting the drop form to the Office of Registration and Records by the indicated deadline. Students are responsible for verifying their drop has been completed. To do so, log into your Banner account and view your schedule.