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How to Register Online for SummerSession '15 Courses

Online registration is operational 24 hours a day, and you can register from any computer connected to the internet. Students are strongly encouraged to register online.

Before you register:

  • Please check your records prior to registration for any holds that may prevent you from registering. To check for holds, sign on to Web Banner and go to "Student Services" then "View Holds." If you have a hold, use the link to the Faculty and Staff Directory to contact the holding office regarding clearance. Only the office that placed the hold on your record can clear it.
  • Permission Override Numbers must be obtained from the course instructor for any course that may be closed or otherwise restricted.
  • Please note: The Office of Registration and Records does not assign Permission Override Numbers to students.
To register for courses using the online system, you will need to know the four-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) for each course.
Click the Quick Links Button
Click on <Web Banner>
Enter your User ID (SS # or Banner ID#) and current PIN (six characters, no hypens, dashes or slashes. For security purposes, we recommend that your PIN contain both letters and numbers. Please note that your PIN is case sensitive).

First Time User?

- Enter your 6-digit birth date as your PIN in MMDDYY format (i.e. July 6, 1987=070687)
- Click <Login>
- Enter Old PIN (enter your birth date again)
- Enter New PIN (make up and enter a new six-character PIN (no hypens, dashes or slashes. For security purposes, we recommend that your PIN contain both letters and numbers. Please note that your PIN is case sensitive)
- Re-enter New PIN (enter the PIN that you just created)
- Security question (enter a short question with a one-word answer that only you will know and that will always stay the same). Your answer is case sensitive.

Forgot your PIN?

- Enter your User ID (SS # or Banner ID) and click <Forgotten/ Disabled PIN?> 
- Enter the correct answer to your security question and click <Submit Answer>
- You’ll be asked to enter a new PIN for future access. 
If you don’t remember the answer, click <I forgot my answer, reset my PIN automatically>. 
Then go to for your PIN Reset Authorization Code and instructions to reset your PIN.     
Click on <Student Services>
Click on <Registration>. If you have a hold on your records, you will receive a message stating that you can’t register at this time.  You should contact the office that placed the hold on your records. Use the link to the Faculty and Staff Directory to obtain the office location and phone number regarding clearance.
Do you have a Permission Override Number?
 - If YES
Click on the <Permission Override Number> link, enter the CRN # and the < Permission Override Number> and click on <Submit Permission Key>. Then click on the <Back to Registration Menu> link at the bottom of the page and continue to the next step to add the class. 
- If NO
Continue with the next step.
Click on <Registration/Add/Drop Classes>
Select <Term>  (SUMMER)
Add CRN #s. You can also search for courses while your register. 
Click on the <Search for Classes> button, select the appropriate search criteria, click on class search. You can check the box in front of the CRN and click <Register> to directly register for the course or <Add to Worksheet> to make course selections from which to build your schedule.
Click on <Submit Changes>
The courses successfully registered will appear as “Web Registered” with the date.  Courses not successfully registered (scroll down) will appear as registration errors and the reason will be given in the status column to the left.  You cannot override these sections.  You will need to get a signature or Permission Key Number from the instructor or department designee to allow you to register for a closed or restricted course, choose another open section of the course, or choose a different open course.
VERY IMPORTANT STEP to prevent your courses from being removed!
Click on the <Affirm your enrollment status link>, click on the <Accept> button and click <Submit> to affirm your enrollment and lock in your courses.
Click on the <Exit> Link (top right corner of page).
Close your browser to protect your privacy.