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Reading the Online Course Schedule

CRN - Course Reference Number
The CRN column lists the four-digit course reference number (CRN), which identifies the course for online registration or when registering by mail, fax or in person. Example: CRN 8278 = SPN 111.31 (Beginning Spanish I). Click on the CRN to obtain supplemental course information.

Subj/Crse (Subject/Course):
This column includes three letters that indicate the academic discipline, followed by a
three-digit course number indicating the course level.
100 - 199 Lower-division undergraduate credit course
200 - 299 Lower-division undergraduate credit course
300 - 499 Upper-division undergraduate credit course; normally requires at least junior standing
500 - 599 Introductory-level graduate courses
600 - 699 All graduate programs require that at least half of the credits be at this level or above
700 - 799 Open only to students matriculated in the department's degree program
800 - 899 Post-Master's courses leading to a Certificate of Advanced Study

Sec (Section):
This column lists the section number for the course. The section number corresponds with the session in which the course is held.
Course Start/ End Date
Start with 1 (e.g., .11, .12, .13)
May 18 - 29
Start with 2 (e.g., .21, .22, .23)
June 1 - July 3
Start with 3 (e.g., .31, .32, .33)
July 6 - August 8
Start with 5 (e.g., .51, .52, .53)
Special Sessions
Dates vary

Cmp (Campus):
This column lists course locations (on- or off-campus).

BRO = The College at Brockport Campus   OAP = Overseas Program
METRO = The College at Brockport MetroCenter, 55 St. Paul Street, Rochester   SLN = SUNY Learning Network Online Courses
OFF = Off campus    

Credit hours. Title: Title of course.


M = Monday   F = Friday
T = Tuesday   S = Saturday
W = Wednesday   U = Sunday
R = Thursday    


CAP = Capacity = Total number of course seats
ACT = Actual course enrollment
REM = Remaining course seats

Name of instructor. Date: Meeting dates of course.

Location Room/Bldg:
This indicates the location where the course will meet. The building codes and location codes are as follows:
On Campus
Allen = Allen Administration Bldg
LibArt=Liberal Arts Building
Cooper = Cooper Hall
Smith = Smith Hall
Dailey = Dailey Hall
Tower = Tower Fine Arts
Drake = Drake Library
TuttleN = Tuttle North
Edward = Edwards Hall
TuttleS = Tuttle South
Hartwl = Hartwell Hall   Holmes = Holmes Hall
Lennon = Lennon Hall
Off Campus and Online
SUNY Learning Network
100% Online Instruction (asynchronous)

SUNY Learning Network
Combined Online (asynchronous and synchronous)

Part Online Instruction (HYB)
Greater Southern Tier BOCES
Coopers Education Center
9579 Vocational Drive
Painted Post, NY 14870
Metro SUNY
The College at Brockport MetroCenter
55 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14604
Visual Wkshop
Visual Studies Workshop
31 Prince Street, Rochester, NY 14607

General Education Designations: The General Education codes apply only to matriculated undergraduate Brockport students. Students who plan to transfer Brockport courses to another school are strongly advised to obtain written approval from that institution stipulating how the courses apply toward degree requirements.

Click on and scroll down to find links to detailed information on general education requirements for Brockport students. General Education requirements vary across SUNY colleges.

General Education Designations
A = Liberal Arts Credit   N = Natural Sciences
B = Non-liberal Arts Credit/ Professional Credit   O = Other World Civilizations
D = Diversity   P = Fine Arts with Performance
F = Fine Arts   Q = Written Communication
H = Humanities   R = Foreign Language
I = Contemporary Issues   S = Social Science
L = Natural Science with Lab   W = Perspectives on Women
M = Mathematics   Y = Oral Communication