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Brockport / Student Learning Center / Tutor Tips / Ending Tutoring Sessions

Tip for Ending Tutoring Sessions

We encourage tutors to reserve the last five to ten minutes of tutoring sessions for closure. The closure period is an essential part of the learning process because it provides an opportunity for students to process ideas and strategies introduced during the tutoring session. A reciprocal teaching approach, where tutor and student reverse roles, may be used to facilitate this process. Here are some example prompts tutors may use to help students take ownership of concepts stressed in tutoring sessions:

  1. Have students summarize the material you have discussed.
    • “Explain this concept to me now.”
    • “What suggestions would you give to a close friend who faces a similar learning situation?”
  2. Have students compare new information to previous knowledge and experience:
    • “Have you learned anything like this before?”
  3. Have student articulate a plan for independent study.
    • “Make a tip sheet for yourself to refer to later at home.”
    • “How are going to continue studying after this session? What is your plan?”

Depending upon the students’ abilities and the interpersonal relationship established during the session, the tutor may lengthen or shorten closure time. Reserving time for such explicit review and check for knowledge reminds both tutor and students to focus on learning.

Last Updated 1/11/16