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Outcomes: Knowledge, Skills, & Attitudes

Tutoring Outcomes

  1. Students will improve comprehension of course material.
  2. Tutors help students identify gaps in their knowledge and make meaningful connections between new information and previous knowledge by using a variety of tutoring techniques and resources.

  3. Students will learn how to effectively use specific study/learning strategies.
  4. A learning strategy is simply something that a student does to help process new information in order to retain it, evaluate it, discuss it, and/or summarize it. For example, predicting test questions after reading a textbook chapter is a learning strategy that helps students process new information. (For a list of learning strategies, refer to Tutor Tips: Learning how to Learn.)

  5. Students will become active, independent learners.
  6. Tutors equip students with studying and thinking strategies that they can apply during independent study. Modeling problem solving, critical thinking, and study/learning strategies equips students with the tools they need to work independently and become successful learners. Engaging students during tutorials by asking questions and asking the students to take notes encourages active participation in the learning process.

  7. Students will develop positive attitudes about learning.
  8. Tutors model a positive attitude about learning by demonstrating enthusiasm for the subject. Tutors should acknowledge difficult areas, but do so positively by introducing helpful learning strategies. Tutors refrain from making negative comments about faculty, students, and staff and suggest specific ways for the student to develop a positive rapport with his or her professors.

  9. Tutors will reflect upon their roles as peer learners and tutors.
  10. The SLC staff encourages tutors to take the time to think about, write about, and talk about their tutorials. The process of actively reflecting upon what takes place during tutorials is an essential part of becoming an effective tutor, of identifying oneself as a member of a teaching/learning community, and of making critical choices about tutoring strategies.

  11. Tutors will develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they tutor.
  12. Tutors frequently report that one of the outcomes of tutoring is that they become better students and experience a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Last Updated 1/11/16