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Appeal Information

Any student/student organization found responsible for a violation of the Code of Student Conduct shall have the right to appeal by filing a written petition for appeal.

  1. A decision reached by the Conduct Board or a sanction imposed by the student conduct officer may be appealed by the accused student(s)/student organization to the vice president for enrollment management and student affairs or designee. The student/student organization must make appeals in writing within five (5) business days after receipt of the written decision.

  2. An appeal may be heard on the following grounds only:
    1. Due Process: The Conduct Board, Sexual Misconduct Board or student conduct officer failed to observe the procedural requirements established by the Code of Student Conduct.
    2. Severity of Sanction: The sanction is “too severe” based onthe proven offense.
    3. New Evidence:  New evidence has appeared that was not known at the time of the original hearing and could not have reasonably been discovered at the time of the original hearing that could have had a material impact on the outcome of the original conduct decision.

  3. An appeal officer will be concerned primarily with the points raised in the written appeal. Students or members of student organizations will not be present during an appeal hearing, unless determined otherwise by the appeal officer.

  4. The appeal officer may take any of the following actions:
    1. Affirm the findings and sanctions of the original conduct official or conductboard,
    2. modify the charges and/or sanctions, or
    3. determine the student/student organization not responsible of the charge(s).

Appeals must be delivered to:

Appeals Officer, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Students Affairs, Student Conduct System, 7th Floor, Allen Administration Building

Questions should be directed to:

Campus Location: Thompson Hall - West Wing
Phone Number: 585-395-2122 or 585-395-2108
Fax Number: 585-395-2732