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Re:      Standard Advisement Memo re: Registration and Plans of Study

To:      Current and prospective undergraduate Social Work Students

Below please find the current plan of study for Social Work Students. There are two main plans: one for Intents to Major and one for Majors accepted for a Fall start in our program. Please plan to speak with your advisor about the course of study that works best for you. Also, please note that the plans of study may be altered at times due to changes in enrollment. Intents to Major and accepted Majors are strongly advised to sign up for our Department listserv, as that is a primary way that we communicate with students. The link to do so is on the Department’s website. Also, please note that as an Intent to Major, in your Sophomore year you must fill out an application to the Social Work program to be accepted as a Social Work Major (this is in addition to your application to the College at Brockport).

Pre-requisite courses for Intents-to-major in Social Work

A GPA of 2.5 or better is required for acceptance as a Major in Social Work, so students should plan their course of study to facilitate achievement of as high a GPA as possible. Intents to Major in Social Work should make taking the pre-requisites for the program a top priority, as students may not start taking core required Social Work classes until accepted into our program (with the exception of SWO 221, SWO 475 and SWO 476, which may be taken by Intents to Major). For students that have matriculated into the College at Brockport as of, or after, the Fall of 2014, these pre-requisites must be completed with a C or better prior to starting the major. These are:

Four Prerequisite Courses (12 Credits)

  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • PSH 110 Principles of Psychology
  • ONE of the following biology courses:
    • BIO 281 Elements of Human Biology
    • BIO 221 Survey of Anatomy/Physiology
    • BIO 285: Biology of Aging
  • ONE of the following statistics courses:
    • SOC 200 Social Statistics
    • PSH 202 Introductory Stat
    • MTH 243 Elements of Statistics

*Note for transfer students. It can be difficult to get into pre-requisite classes as a transfer student, unless you plan to deposit and register early. Therefore it is a good idea to finish these courses at your community college before transferring.

The plans below cover only the required social work classes. Electives may need to be added to reach the number of credits required for graduation (120 credits).


Standard Plan of Study with concurrent (2 semester) field placement in senior year

Fall - Junior

Spring - Junior

Fall - Senior

Spring - Senior

SWO 301.  (Human Behavior I)

SWO 302. (Human Behavior II)

SWO 411. (Human Services/Systems Analysis)

SWO 441 (Methods III)

SWO 341. (Methods I)

SWO 342. (Methods II)

SWO 451. (Field instruction I)

SWO 453. (Field instruction II)

SWO 321. (Human Diversity)

SWO 310. (Research Methods)

SWO 455. (Field Instruction seminar I)

SWO 457. (Field Instruction seminar II)

SWO 322. (Social & Economic Justice)

SWO 311 (Human Services/Social Policy)







15 total credits

15 total credits

15 total credits

15 total credits

Notes: SWO 301 meets two general education requirements: Oral Communication, and Perspectives on Women.

Social Work Pre-requisites are as follows:

Completion of the Computer proficiency exam must be achieved BEFORE registering for SWO310; students should try to complete this exam early in the first semester of their junior year (click here for more information:

SWO 341 is a pre-requisite for SWO 342.  SWO 311 is a pre-requisite for SWO 411.

SWO 441 must be taken in the second semester of field. Students in Block field will take SWO 441 concurrently with field instruction, unless the student is completing an international placement (in which case it is taken the previous semester).

FIELD (completed during the senior year). All 300 level classes must be competed with a C or better prior to starting field. The standard concurrent field instruction includes 440 hours of internship over the course of two semesters. This equates to 2 days (16 hours per week, usually in two 8 hour days; total of 220 hours per semester) for both semesters, plus a biweekly seminar. This model suits a majority of students who are employed and have other responsibilities. BLOCK FIELD OPTION (completing field in one semester; i.e. 4 days a week). Students who have a GPA of 3.25 or better are eligible to apply for a possible Block field placement. Students in Block field have field four days a week (32 hours per week; total of 440 hours in semester), and have a weekly seminar. Most agencies require students to be available for field during normal daytime business hours.

Student Advisement Handbook (pdf)

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